I am Moe, just Moe. Allow me to introduce myself…

Just Moe <3

Just Moe ❤

Well, Looks like it’s my brand spanking new post on my brand spanking new blog! WHAT!?!?!

Going to apologize – no scratch that – Going to WARN you right here, right now, that I am just a little bit crazy, inappropriate, and dare I say it, annoying. This blog will feature most if not all of my little random rants and raves, personal OPINIONS, and an in-depth look into the life of Moe. You don’t have to like everything I post, hey sometimes it’s more fun that way….

So, here’s my little intro…

-I’m Marisa, or as most call me, Moe. It’s easier to remember (after all it’s only one syllable), and it prevents little mishaps such as being called Melissa, Martha, Merissa, Marissa, Mary, Mareesa, Melinda, Matilda, Missy… you get my drift.
– I’m EXTREMELY sarcastic at times, stick around, maybe you will even get a kick out of it.

-I’m Only 23 so, of course to some, I’m a youngen, and yet to others I’m old. How wonderful (oh looky there! sarcastic Moe is already peeking out)!

-I’m married -and here comes the real shocker for this day and age, I don’t have ANY children! Why would I get married so young! What can I say? he liked it so, he put a ring on it.. and I’m a gold digger …what eves (yes, sarcasm.. you’ll get used to it).

– I’m completely fucked in the head. Not even kidding.

– I’m pagan so, yes, I’m a witch and no, I won’t “cast a love spell” on your crush for you.

– I smoke cigarettes, very very rarely drink, and enjoy the company of my friend MJ on occasion. The fact that I am lazy and unmotivated is completely coincidental…or is it?

-I had a lot of messed up things happen to me as a kid and into my teens (yup, we are talking deep shit here, molestation, rape, eating disorders, suicide attempts, an abusive, methed-out boyfriend of 5 years.. blah blah blah we’ll save the crying for another day..)

-I have a dog that I imagine you will here a lot about, her name is Shelby, also referred to as; Shelbers, The Shelbsters, Shelbstein, Shelbz, and Bitch face. I also have two cats, Miss Marley, and G.I. Joe… I’m an animal lover to the core, I’m aware that it gets annoying just BEAR with me here.. eh? eh? no-one? fine..

-My husband’s a Chemist and to be honest, It is the most boring subject to mankind and I can only listen so long before it becomes white noise.

-I am obsessed… no seriously OBSESSED with mermaids. If I had a super power I would turn into a mermaid every time I hit the water.

-I often imagine about a dozen “mini me” people inside my head when I’m alone and I blame them for my million different personalities.

-I desperately want to be a mom and get PISSED OFF when women hoe around and get knocked up that don’t want to have children.. I get even MORE pissed off when they have an abortion. So, yeah I guess you could say I’m pro-life. I have PCOS and it’s hard for me to have a period, let alone a baby.. yup I said period and it grossed you out.. way to be immature.

-I’m just waiting for the day I post something ridiculously offensive to someone and they talk about it on the news… seriously when did Twitter become a reliable news source? smh.

-As you can tell from the title of my blog, I’m an insomniac and often go days without sleep and no, I’m not on meth.

-OH! I have epilepsy.. that’s kinda cool right? well not really, but it’s something somewhat different.

– I despise the number 3 and will do anything to avoid it. as a matter of fact I am convinced I will die March 3rd of 2033.. yup.

– I’m from Indiana, I met my dad for the first time (in Texas) when I was 16 along with 4 sisters I never knew I had, including my “twin,” no we aren’t really twins, but we are damn near identical, less than a year apart, and often do/say the same things at the same time..

-I don’t talk to my dad enough, I wish I did and I always have an excuse, he has COPD, that’s not good.. I guess I’m afraid to get too close to him then lose him before I really even know him.. in which case I’ll become very depressed and I feel like that would be wrong considering my sisters grew up with him and they have loved him and looked up to him their whole lives and I guess I just don’t think have that right to be upset over someone I don’t really know.. god that’s confusing.. long story short, I’m pretty sure my sisters, except for the “twin” hate me (which is sort of amusing because if any of them should hate me, it should be her…I made a huge mistake, dated her ex and moved him to Indiana.. in my defense it wasn’t ENTIRELY done behind her back, she gave me the thumbs up to see him the first time, but I should have known better. It’s all fine and dandy when it’s just words, but when you see it with your own two eyes it breaks your heart and words cannot describe how blessed I feel for her to forgive me and move forward getting to know one-another.) But if they hate me already, and worship their -scratch that- OUR dad, I feel like I’d be stepping on their toes and while they were all very welcoming at first, I don’t really feel like I’m one of them, We have so many similarities and it’s undeniable that we are all sisters but it still feels like it’s a club that I was never invited to… I wish I was or that I could have at least grown up with them a little.. maybe if they knew me better, they would see my funny side, my happy side, not just my fake, “I just really want you to like and accept me” side. okay enough of this for now…. touchy subject, we’ll revisit later.

– I’m jobless (Had to quit my awesome-paying call center job due to the epilepsy. damn it!)

– despite my husbands hard work, we’re broke. Not even kidding, he apologizes everyday… it doesn’t make sense, I’m the one who had to quit my job and HE’S APOLOGIZING?!?! He’s a good man, I wish he didn’t beat himself up over things beyond his control.

– you can’t tell it now, but I’m actually a pretty optimistic person and like to cheer people up, but it’s 4 am right now and well, my pep has deflated.

I think this is more than enough to get ya’ll caught up and provide a good enough back story for you to follow. hope you enjoy my blog.. there will be some good times and bad, some laughs and some tears, but at the end of it all, maybe, just MAYBE someone out there will actually understand me.


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