The Life (or lack of) of an Unmotivated Insomniac

Just hanging out..

Just hanging out..Being lazy and such

Crawled into bed at about 5 am, David (my hubby) was so sweet, he rolled over so I could snuggle him and he checked the time. He didn’t say a word about it which was a nice surprise. He always gets so mad that I can’t seem to sleep like a normal person anymore. “I just want to go to bed with my wife, not wake up for work and see she’s still awake,” I hear it all the time. I know he’s worried, seizures happen more often when I can’t sleep and those terrify him. He says he never imagined that he would marry someone with epilepsy, Sorry, I never imagined it would just pop up out of the blue in my 20’s….Amazingly I stumbled out of bed at 9:30 with the stale taste of cigarettes still in my mouth, god I really need to quit smoking. I gagged and vomited, maybe because of the taste, maybe because I’m getting sick, or maybe I’m pregnant in which case I really REALLY need to quit smoking. Head pounding and lightheaded I fumbled my way to the kitchen to let out the Shelbsters, “she’s such a good puppy,” I remember thinking, I wish I could let her out of her puppy jail (the kitchen blocked off by a toddler gate) more often, but the cats go ape shit and she’s still so hyper!! Her birthday is June 3rd and she will be ONE YEAR OLD! I can’t wait.. hopefully she will start calming down this year. I would Love to take her for a walk today but as most promises go, that one usually gets broken because it’s too hot, too cold or I’m too tired. I sat on the couch with my little e-cig and puffed away before pouring myself some cereal.. I am probably the fattest anorexic person you will ever meet, I don’t eat much if at all during the day then when 6 o’clock rolls around I have dinner with David. How is it even possible that I tip the scales at 220? There are a few things I think about the majority of my day:

1. I need to clean/do laundry

2. I need to exercise

3. I need to make a meal plan and lose damn near 100 lbs

4. I need to take the dog for a walk

and 5. Why am I so lazy??

I would say 3 out of 5 days during the week while David’s at work I sit on my ass, blog, facebook, google random conspiracy theories, watch Dr. Phil and wish I had a more productive life. And this is how I’m so fat. I feel like a sloth, just lazily going about my day… It’s so… Boring.  Am I this way because I can’t sleep? OR Can I not sleep because I’m this way? Well, that’s a topic up for discussion.

So far today, I have gotten up to pee about 4 times and everytime thinking I will start the laundry thats in the washer and go put away all the clothes I washed Monday.. the key word here is “THINKING” I still haven’t done it.. I swear if I got paid to procrastinate I’d be a billionaire. I did manage to “fix” the computer or at least make it run a little faster.. but it’s 3 pm so, I guess that took me about 4 hours to accomplish. I’m out of money and down to about 5 cigarettes most people would be pissed about this, but just like every time it happens, I have plans to quit and make the switch to the E-cig until I can taper off. Until I find some cash then I’ll probably be back to the gas station buying a pack.. Thanks to my mom, our other car (the junker) has a new battery so, I can use this time that I’m online all day to job hunt and try to get out of this funk. I’m terrified. I hate.. I mean HATE meeting new people… I don’t make friends well, and well, I’m quite awkward.

well, It’s 3 pm which means I have two hours minimum before David calls and says he’s heading home on his hour long commute. Then it will take another 30 mins for him to get home from the carpool drivers house today, so that gives me approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes… That means I need to light my little wax burner to make the house smell more like clean laundry and less like smoke/litter box. I’ll start the washer, clean the litter box and run the vacuum. Then put away laundry and take Shelby outside to shed her. Man, who knew wolves shed SO MUCH!?!?! No doubt, I’ll get it all done, but waiting until the very last moment is typical for me. You know what’s great? David will come home and -the sweet heart that he usually is- He’ll say something like, “DAMN BABE! You must have been busy today! The house looks great!” He has no clue, Most women would kill for a husband that thanked her for putting away laundry/doing dishes/ or straightening the living room… what can I say? Unless you had an arranged marriage or don’t communicate, there’s no reason that your husband should be anything short of your dream man. He’s out there, keep looking, I found mine. =)

After completing my chores I’ll probably doodle, or drown in my facebook news feed..Yep, My life is really this dull as of late, but I promise, it’s only temporary. So, stay tuned because I’m sure I will come up with something interesting to say eventually.


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