Magnificent, Marvelous, Mad Madam, Moe…

not even kidding

not even kidding

Well, I now have a few supplies needed to get a peaceful nights sleep. Too bad the A/C won’t budge off of 80 degrees when it’s set at 70. There will be no sleeping for me tonight apparently. Seriously, 2 ARCTIC COLD showers so far today and I’m highly considering a 3rd. So anyway, here I am chillin’ on the couch with a cold compress type dealio wrapped around my head while I continue to melt like the witch on wizard of oz. Hey at least my head is cooler than it was. I must look ridiculous.. I shall call myself Magnificent, Marvelous, Mad Madam, Moe… hee. hee sorry Mim, I took your name.. or adjectives rather…

“Come child, sit, let Mad Madam Moe read your future.” *in my best Jamaican accent.*

Here’s a visual for you: While I sit here speaking in a terrible Jamaican accent out loud to myself flailing my arms about, and impersonating “Miss Cleo,” Joe is staring at me. He has the creepiest cat stare out of any cat I have ever met by the way. ESPECIALLY when the light hits his eyes just right and they look like floating green orbs. *shivers* He likes to read my blog I think, he’ll stare at me until I get back to writing then his eyes never leave my screen.

I’m just a tad pissed about the A/C situation tonight simply because I took benadryl, melatonin, and drank water instead of pop… I should have been able to sleep just fine but NO! It’s hot and sticky and eww. eh who am I kidding I never sleep.

Anywho, as you know, there’s been a lot of death going on around me these days. My grandma, Donna, passed away from cancer, and My mom’s best friend -whom I consider an aunt, Rohnda, passed away from brain cancer the very next day. both women smoked, and both started with lung cancer.  People don’t feel bad for the smokers.. I guess it’s ’cause they feel like we do it to ourselves or whatever, but until you have been addicted and tried and failed to break said addiction, kindly shut the fuck up, it’s not easy and NOBODY wants cancer. I knew the risks when I lit up the first time, I told myself for years I wasn’t addicted to it and I could stop if I wanted to, I just liked to smoke socially. Well that’s the biggest steaming pile of shit I’ve ever heard or said. So if you’re saying it, know that your lying to yourself, you’re addicted and unless you want cancer as well, you had better make another attempt at quitting…

SO, here we go again;

Operation Quit Smoking attempt number 14: Call the QUIT NOW hotline

I did, I have a quit date set for June 3rd. I have free nicotine patches coming my way and round the clock support if I need to call anyone… Considering david bought me a pack of cigarettes yesterday, I should still have some for my last two weeks as a smoker, but I don’t because ironically, excitement seems to be a trigger for me. SO, E-cigin’ it up yet again with the hookah therapy every night this week then E-cig only next week, then the patch the following week and NO SMOKING. *sigh* If I had a dollar for every cigarette I’ve smoked after claiming NEVER AGAIN, I’d be rich. I think with all the love, help and support I have this time around though, I can do it.

If you want help quitting I strongly recommend you call:

1-800-QUIT NOW

Do it! what do you have to lose except your bad breath and risks for cancer. 😉



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