Duck Hunting

This ducky is cute, your duck lips are not.

This ducky is cute, your duck lips are not.

Cyber mean girls are ruthless. They will cut you down, chew you up, and spit you out before you can even correct their many spelling mistakes. I’m not guna lie, I have a little bitch streak myself, but I don’t single out someone unless they are bullying someone else. I’m like “Duck Hunter the Cyber Super Hero.” Shooting down duck lips one post at a time. bahahahaha!

Anyway, what makes you girls think it’s okay? What gives you the right to personally attack other human beings from behind your computer screen? That’s just it isn’t it? You don’t see the hurt you’re causing when you’re behind your computer, you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of your hatred, and here, at the other end of your keyboard, you can sit blissfully unaware that the girl you just made fun of is hanging herself. Yeah, It’s real, it happens and this post just got deep didn’t it?

The point is while you are sitting here “talkin lyk dis” and using words you don’t understand to insult another person, I’ll be there. I’ll be watching, and reading and you won’t know it until cyber hell breaks loose on your head. I will personally make you feel so stupid, so insignificant, and so self conscious you will forget why I called you out in the first place, so, you will turn your hatred to me. Then, THEN I will tear apart every insecurity you have one by one and then POOF. I’ll disappear and you won’t be able to get in your last word. That will drive you nuts won’t it?

I don’t understand why girls say “I don’t give a fuck what people think about me.” Obviously you do, or you wouldn’t feel the need to draw attention to you not caring. Almost everyone cares to some degree, and the ones who don’t are crazy and dangerous. I’d say I balance on this line, I am too busy criticizing myself to worry about what you say, think or feel towards me. Not to say I’m not insecure, I have my moments as much as the next person, and sometimes something someone says will really stick to my bones and hurt me for days to come. So, stop acting tough, you aren’t, you’re nothing but a liar.

Why do girls claim to be a strong, independent and say they can take care of themselves when they are clearly, 14, in high school and live at home with mommy and daddy who happen to pay their Iphone bill which they are using to update twitter on how unfair life is and how they are just going to DIE if they don’t get that new manicure before the dance.

do us all a favor, stop being a brat. Your “#firstworldproblems” aren’t funny, They’re not cute, they’re selfish. shut up.


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