I’m NOT a Helpless, Little Girl, I’m a WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!

Remember this? I bet your grandma does.

Remember this? I bet your grandma does.

Okay, I can understand young girls I guess, perhaps it’s just a phase, but what about the adult women? I had never met such a dramatic person until I met one of my friends. We all have one. The whole world is against her, nothing is her fault, her boyfriend is just so terrible but if you tell her to leave him he instantly becomes “a really good guy.” I swear this woman freaks out about everything! “I haven’t heard from him in 10 minutes I have to call him again,” “he’s not answering, WHY THE FUCK ISN’T HE ANSWERING!?! DOES HE THINK I’M STUPID?” uhh forgive me, but he just left, chances are his phone is on silent or he’s busy, or ya know, he’s driving… O.o HELLO LADIES, you are the ones that give the rest of us a bad rap. You know how my PMS goes?  “damn I need some chocolate, and I’m going back to bed.” This psycho bitch shit doesn’t come from me! We aren’t all like this and the ones that are drive me nuts, no wonder guys think we are some crazy unsolved mystery. David doesn’t call me all day, he’s at work, duh. He will text me once in a while, and if he doesn’t text back he’s probably busy. The ONLY time I freak out when he doesn’t answer is when he is supposed to give me directions to get somewhere. Looks like I just threw myself under the bus on that one huh? Do not take the fact that I’m directionally challenged and mistake it for being a bad driver. I’ve never even had a speeding ticket, suck it. I however, hate to drive because of OTHER crazy drivers which is why I never know where I’m going and tend to get lost. No we don’t all freak out and think your cheating because we’ve been waiting 15 minutes for a text back. No, we don’t all cry and throw a major toddler fit because you hurt our feelings.

Ladies, do us all a favor, grow the hell up, get your head out of the fairy tale romances and be your own person, not the other half of one. It’s fine to WANT to be a stay at home mom and do your own thing, but when you feel like you have to you are completely throwing away what we, as AMERICAN WOMEN, fought so hard for. HELLO EQUALITY! If you are going to bitch about your life and how terrible you have it, fix it. You need a job? apply somewhere! Don’t have a way to get there?? the majority of places hire with online applications now-a-days, sit your lazy ass down, fill it out and looky there, you got a job. Don’t have a ride to work? take the bus, or MAYBE ask a friend, and when you get your first check pay them back and take a cab! If the “reason” behind all your madness is one person, it’s time to cut them out. Don’t sit there and cry over a man every time I see you it’s annoying and not only do you look like a cry baby, but you look like a helpless idiot. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT keep doing beyond stupid things for this guy you “love.” With as much as you bitch about him and about how terrible he treats you, how he expects to much from you, how he is never around…etc. It’s pretty obvious you don’t love him, you’re used to him. So, ya know, for instance, selling all your possessions to give him money is STUPID. Get it through your head, it’s NOT called being a romantic, it’s called being a dumb ass. When he decides that you are too crazy for him and that he doesn’t want to be called non stop every time he leaves the house, you’re screwed. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I never understood that expression until I witnessed a little boy steal another boys Easter basket during an egg hunt, if the boy had only had half of his eggs in that basket maybe he wouldn’t have cried so much. bottom line, until you’re married keep everything separate and hell even then shit happens but ladies get your shit together because I’m tired of being labeled as someone that someone else has to take care of, or bitchy, or whiny, or whatever else, NOT ALL OF US ARE LIKE YOU! If you don’t grow some invisible balls and take care of yourself, no one will and your life will continue to be this dull boring thing where nothing goes your way.


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