I <3 Self Entitled, Selfish Asshats…


I just want to make something very clear to those of you who think that you deserve something. Like, you just feel like those of us around you owe you a favor;

We don’t owe you shit.

There are so many people out there who just want to take advantage of you, they don’t feel bad, they don’t see anything wrong with it, they just do it. Look honey, You may let people walk all over you, and make you do things for them, but it isn’t gunna work with me. I AM NOT A DOOR MAT. I am not your maid, your personal hairdresser, your nanny, your drunken phone line, your taxi, your food/cigarette delivery service, your therapist, your marriage counselor, and I certainly am not the mother/teacher/or behaviorist of your children.

I AM SICK AND TIRED of people thinking I am going to provide all of these services for them let alone do it for free!!!

I went to Cosmetology school for a year and a half yeah that’s almost as long as your associates degree and costs DOUBLE, it’s true, it’s not cheap). While most of my friends had some killer college parties on Friday nights, I stayed in because my ass had to get to school at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning. after doing all of this what in the world makes you think you are so special to not pay me after I spend 4 hours on your hair? My own family pays me, of course THEY don’t have to, but they at least ASK what I charge for certain services. Seriously, I have had people think “oh I bought the product, so that’s enough.” uh NO it’s not, anywhere else the cost of the product is already in your final cost they don’t break it up, but BECAUSE I come to YOUR home, where you are comfortable, and do your hair yes, the price has to be broken up. I am not spending 4 hours coloring, straightening, cutting, weaving, perming, or whatever the hell else for a “tip.”

Full Foil highlights, I charge $40 flat rate any salon around here will run you $60 min and that’s for short hair. (that’s including the product price)

all over color, $20

Brazilian Blowout, I charge $60 where as a salon charges you at least $120 and some charge by the hour. (including product price)

Hair cut, $10 or $5 if you’re getting a clipper cut

Hair extensions/ weaving are $60 + the cost of hair

Perm $30 for a straight back $40 for a spiral (and just saying, last time I checked it was $120 for a spiral perm on medium length hair)

My prices are generally half of a salon and I COME TO YOU. seriously people? I don’t work for tips, I work for money, If I wanted to work for tips I would work in a chop shop.

Never again will I be “quiet and polite” about somebody not paying me.

Also, Never again will I watch a brat child for 11 hours a day for 2 days in a row to only be paid $20. That is less than a dollar an hour. It would be one thing If it was just once in a while, but NO this woman I swear to God, you agree to do something for her ONE time and she will ask you every day after to do it again. My favorite is when you flat out tell her NO, you will not take care of her kid all day AGAIN and she calls you the next day and asks what time to drop him off. BITCH ARE YOU STUPID? I SAID NO! This kid runs off just minutes after she leaves and you can’t find him. I walked the whole block screaming for him and I KNOW he could hear me, but did he come? NOPE. All I had to show for it was two feet covered in blisters. THEN he comes in the house about an hour later leaves the door wide open and runs with his muddy shoes down the hall to the bathroom! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!

And then there are those people who think if they whine enough you’ll “take the hint” and loan them money, watch their kid, or help them with whatever else. No, it doesn’t work that way. You want me to loan you money? pay back the other $100 you owe me then ASK if you can borrow if from me, and considering I loaned it to you a year ago your answer is guna be a big fat NO. You want me to watch your kid? Why? Why on earth do these people pick one of the only women on the block without kids to babysit their kid? OH RIGHT! Because everyone else with kids, knows how big of a brat your kid is and doesn’t WANT to babysit. Guess what? I don’t either!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a child that is 10 years old, cusses at you and everyone else like some cracked out gang member, throws stuff, hits and kicks you, bites you, Killed a family pet, violently shakes his hermit crabs, and your ass is sitting on the couch drunk, don’t blame him or anyone else for that behavior. Don’t think pumping him full of medicine is going to fix it! YOU ARE TO BLAME HERE! AND DON’T EVEN CALL ME AT 2 AM AND ASK ME TO GO BUY YOU CIGARETTES BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO DRUNK!!!!

Okay, Here’s the deal, I am not a mean person, and though I know it sounds like it, I am not only concerned with money. I would not mind one bit if someone were to ask me for help every once in a while, I wouldn’t mind watching this brat every once in a while, but if you want me to do it every day, I expect to be paid because I’m the one feeding him my food and making sure he doesn’t kill himself of someone else (literally). Hell I’ll give ya a free hair cut here and there if you’re broke, I’ll flat iron it for ya for free anytime I don’t care, and shit, sometimes if I have left over color or bleach I’ll even do that for you. but to spend hours on something (that comes out perfect) and not get paid…. makes me feel like I’m worth nothing to you, that all of that schooling and hard work was for nothing… Hair is my only job right now, and in a way it’s stealing from me. I work hard to make sure no one is ever unhappy with their hair when I’m done, and I expect a little respect for that! I’ll help anyone out if I can, but I’m broke as shit right now and busting my ass to get Shelby’s medicine this month, I haven’t even gotten MY OWN medicine for this month. I’m not asking for handouts damn it, I work for it, and you people are taking advantage of the fact that I’d rather bite my tongue, be nice and take what you give me than explain to you that I need more money than that, that I worked for more money than that, and that I won’t do it again. Not anymore my friends, Nice Moe has left the building. I have been fucked over 1 too many times and I’m done.



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