Calli’s First Appearance..

babyOne night while I was drifting off to sleep, I was focusing on my belly and trying to picture a little rose bud in my womb, a baby. I knew I was, or had just ovulated and so desperately wanted to be pregnant. I took a deep breath and felt my belly grow, out and out, I felt my breasts grow and a slight contraction (only far less painful than the real thing) I felt a huge relief and watched as the doctor placed a screaming, squirming, pink blanket in my arms. She was beautiful and she stopped screaming as soon as she looked at me. I could just feel this overwhelming love, the same as what I imagine people tend to describe as heaven. I was holding heaven in my arms. I am pretty sure David was there, but he didn’t have a significant role in the dream other than being the sperm that helped create this squirmy pink blanket haha… her name was Caliope. end of story I could feel it, it wasn’t a thought, it was like she was introducing herself to me. and the fast forward continued, to a baby in a highchair no more than 2 just a few teeth here and there, she was giggling and had spaghetti sauce all over her face she was the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen. Her hair was a rich brown, slightly curly, in stubby little pig tails with pink ribbons she had a little pink onesie on with ruffles on the arms, and a bib that said “mommy’s girl,” just looking at her I felt that love again, and saw that she had my mouth and face shape, her dads little nose and the biggest, warmest brown eyes you have ever seen. I was taking video with my phone of her eating her first “big girl plate” and telling her to say hi to daddy. she giggled and lifted up a fist full of spaghetti and  shook her hand violently in an attempt to wave at the camera flinging spaghetti everywhere. She just kept smiling and laughing like she was having the time of her life and I started laughing too. I was saying “Calli say hi to daddy, say I love you daddy!” I actually woke myself up out of the dream laughing and smiling like an idiot.  I’m just hoping this particular dream comes true, and I don’t say that about 99% of my dreams.


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