The Abduction…

aliensI opened my eyes to a bright spot light directly on me. Instead of freaking out like most people would I tried to adjust my eyes and look around me. I wasn’t afraid, maybe it was shock, maybe I knew I was dreaming or maybe they drugged me, I didn’t know. I saw strange surgical instruments hanging from hooks on the ceiling in a stainless steel room. there was a strange buzzing and I casually looked down at my midsection. Standing there towering over my exposed belly were 3 blueish grey aliens. Exactly like so many abductees have described before me big black eyes and strangely shaped heads. The one looked at me and made a strained face, it dawned on me that he was trying to smile. he held up a very small glob of something and I shook my head. I didn’t know if he was offering me a terrible looking snack or trying to explain something, I just couldn’t see it well with out my glasses. at that moment I knew that he (or she?) understood my confusion he reached behind me and I tried to follow him with my eyes. I caught a glimpse of my nightgown.. I must be naked.. no, I’m covered with my blankies… (I still sleep with my baby blanket) I nervously fingered the silk edges of the blanket which always brings me comfort. The creature placed my glasses on my face and held the glob close for me to examine it. It was about the size of my thumb. It was grey, similar to the color of this creature but with more pink. squinting my eyes and trying to make sense of what I was seeing I saw little hands and little feet. 10 fingers and 10 toes. I looked up to meet the eyes of the creature and he made the same strange, strained face. he WAS smiling!!  I was so confused, did they just take that out of me?? he pointed to my abdomen as if he was answering my unspoken question.

“Bah-Bee” he said. His voice almost made me laugh, he reminded me of ET.. Bobby? is that what he was saying? … no… BABY! OMG it’s a baby creature! Which I still didn’t completely understand.. had I just given birth to a baby alien?

Another creature gingerly placed his hand upon my ET’s shoulder and I think he tried to smile too.

“forgive, please, your language is.. hard for us.” the other creature said.

I was with out a doubt in shock at this point. I just stared at them in disbelief.

“we hear prayer, we give bah-bee.”

HOLY SHIT! He’s guna put that thing IN ME!! I shook my head.. I couldn’t talk.. I didn’t want this.. an alien? no! I want my own baby! My flesh and blood!

“calm, we made from you. It’s YOUR Bah-bee, sleep, we give you bah-bee.”

I couldn’t fight it my eyes got heavy and I was sleeping, yet awake, I could see them but couldn’t think about anything. I saw them place the baby alien creature in my belly and sew me up. they put something over me and the stitches disappeared. The quiet alien put something on my belly and shushed the other creatures as if he was listening. He nodded and my ET dressed me. He touched my forehead and studied my face.

“Bye, Bye, Happy now, bah-bee, bye, bye.”

the table I was laying on slowly lowered, down and down until I was in my bed. I held my tummy.. his voice still ringing in my ears..’ happy now, bah bee.’ was I pregnant now? was david the father or was it some alien creatures baby? I closed my eyes and opened them again, completely awake… holy shit what a dream!


It’s easy to see how vivid and realistic this alien abduction dream was for me. It would be easy to assume it was real and I had been abducted. Maybe I was, haha, only time will tell I guess. If it was, I have a LOT of “nut cases” to apologize to!

Okay, I don’t usually call them nut cases. Some, yes, they are obviously fake, others I have chalked up to a very vivid dream such as mine, or drug use… and yet others, I wonder.. maybe it did happen. Mine, I feel was a dream, but then again of course they would want me to think that…

dun dun dun



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