The Woman in White…

ghostSo, There is the tale of the white lady… most people have heard it. The white lady supposedly represents coming death in the household. Well, I don’t believe the woman I see is “the white lady” by any means, though she does seem irritated. I can’t tell if she’s mad at me or what but damn it she is always here, in the same spot and she’s kind of annoying me now. I know not to be afraid, but I almost can’t help it at this point. I feel like she is trying to tell me something but I have no idea what it is, and to be completely honest I don’t want to open myself up any more to listen. I’m working on shielding from this madness at the moment. I have attempted to cleanse the house, I’ve cast out all negative.. so she must not be too bad…

So it started a while back maybe a couple months ago… Shelby started staring in the corner of the living room.. always the same corner and she would follow something with her eyes.. never growl or bark just occasionally tilt her head like it was talking to her watch it move. I had just been feeling very drained and lightheaded but hadn’t actually seen her until one night I glanced behind me just fast enough to see her. she was like a little cloud of smoke almost.. you could def make out a person.. but she’s white and transparent like a stereotypical ghost, which isn’t normal for me I generally see them as they would appear normally, you know.. alive.. sometimes I see them how they died, it just depends I guess.

well the night I caught a glimpse of the woman in white I dreamed about her. I couldn’t understand what she was saying to me it was all muffled, I only knew she was very mad at me and I didn’t know why and she wanted to hurt me. of course it scared the shit out of my so the next morning I cleansed the house with sage and placed salt water on every window, lit my candles and told her if she wished me harm she must leave. I didn’t see here again for a few days.. then today, again, she was back.

I have told her to go away I don’t know how many times and of course I still catch her peaking around the corner or standing behind me… if she is “the white lady” I’d imagine I’d be the one who’s going to die because she won’t leave me the hell alone!!!

Well, if you have any clue as to how to get her to go about her business please let me know, because I’ve tried and she’s still here messing up my ju ju.





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