Are You a Meth Addict?

insomnia_sleepNo, I’m not a meth addict.. as a matter of fact I’m not even addicted to caffeine… Hell, if you saw me, you would know there is no way in hell this fat bitch smokes dope.

No, these are just the joys of insomnia. It’s 5 am, I haven’t slept a wink and you know what? I feel fine…. today.. I know these bouts usually last me a good week or so and by day 3 I don’t know what’s real and what’s a dream. Hey it’s cool, I am very unmotivated during the day so my little 5 am buzz is bound to creep up on me soon and I’ll be zooming around the house like a mad woman killing every spider, cleaning every thing, dusting, finishing the laundry I have been so conveniently putting off, mop the mulberries off my kitchen floor….again, do the dishes from David’s breakfast, clean the litter box, feed the critters, maybe scrub the toilets/bath tubs again. I do need to take down the shower curtains and bleach those too! all while keeping the music to an acceptable level as to not wake up Emo next door who has probably also just gone to bed..That’s normal for her tho, she works 2nd shift.

-did you know your shower curtain is COVERED in germs. seriously, they have been linked to UTI’s, pneumonia, and abscesses in the gut…. um gross. we get new ones all the time but I still bleach them in between.. eww gives me the creeps!

Anyway so, today-correction, yesterday- was pretty chill. I went to bed around 5am, slept in til noonish, and then did absolutely nothing.

I’m not even kidding, I think I did David’s dishes, I vacuumed, and started some laundry… other than that, nada, hell I even made a pizza for dinner.. how lazy do ya get? Needless to say, David got home, and just as he doesn’t seem to notice much when I do deep clean, he didn’t seem to notice that I was extremely lazy… at least he wouldn’t have noticed if I had actually gotten dressed today-er yesterday. Anyway, we ate dinner and chillaxed, performed our “marital duties”, and he went to bed as per usual. I decided tonight was a perfect night to perform a fertility ritual and send a couple prayers up to the goddess for blessings on a healthy pregnancy and bouncing baby bleep…..Okay, I didn’t decide, my friend, J, did. She informed me that she had a pretty crazy dream about me having a baby in April which means if she’s right, bleep isn’t there yet. The goddess must have just been showing me a little peak into pregnancy to make sure I could handle it. We’ve all had pregnancy scares..That’s what they are.. pre-tests for motherhood if you will. some people pass the pre-test but fail the final exam some just fail all together and some…. SOME pass through it all like they were born to do it. So, back to me and J here, we performed the ritual together (to amp up the potency) via text message. Apparently, she cast the spell for her sister a while back and she found out she was pregnant very shortly after. I am keeping my thoughts positive but still trying not to get my hopes up too awfully high…C’mon little bleep!! mommy wants to meet you!

So, yeah we do this pretty lengthy ritual..the main one wasn’t so long, but I said a few little prayers, cleansed the area with sage, and pulled a few tarot cards before we started. At the very end of the ritual upon closing my circle I felt like a little match had been lit in my belly.. it just felt super warm..still does actually now that I think about it. any hoots! After that I headed over to Emo’s played a game of jeopardy and watched “chopped”. I freaking LOVE jeopardy. It seriously keeps your brain sharp the only problem is it’s too much fun and only on once a day and only on during the weekdays.

Came home at about 3:15, made David a ham egg and cheese bagel and now I’m here. My little boost of energy and pep is deflating yet again.. time to get me another V8 V-fusion Energy drink. and maybe a cup of coffee too! I’m not even going to try to lay down until I can’t stand up anymore. I would really like to sleep with my hubby tonight. *Sorry if you’re reading this, Emo!! I love you!! But I think David misses me 😦 and you know for a fact if I lay down with him I’ll end up awake by 12am :p) I know shelbsters is sleepy she keeps laying down in random places and looking at me like .. uhh mom? aren’t we going to bed now? dad’s gone.. I won’t jump on him and wake him up now… well, NO SHELBY! WE ARE NOT GOING TO BED!

so, where do I start? laundry? dishes? dusting? (just a little housekeeping tip, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, Vacuum/sweep/mop LAST!) Ah hell, I think I’m guna start the laundry, grab me another V8 and watch a show online until it REALLY kicks in then I’ll get on the rest of it! haha!


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