The Escape artist/Marley’s Story

whatchu lookin at hoomanMarley’s Story:

Marley found me on one cold October day almost 2 years ago. I had just stepped outside for a smoke break during one of the most hectic days at my Cosmetology school.  Standing there bitching about clients/fellow students I sensed someone looking at me and looked down. I wasn’t sure what she was at first and it took a minute to register that she was a kitten. Her bright yellow/green eyes looked up at me through mats of gunk caked around her eyes, her left eye had a twig sticking out of it and looked painful.

“Why hello there little friend, you look hungry.” I said to her, I knew she couldn’t be more than a couple weeks old as she was small enough to comfortably lie in the palm of one of my hands. I gently scooped her up and put her in the pocket of my apron and walked back inside to find an instructor. I pleaded with her to let me take me lunch break early and get this grimy, sick, and soaking wet flea bag out of the cold and after a few minutes the teacher’s allergies gave away the fact that I had brought the cat in the building with me. She sighed and nodded letting me go take her home.

I already had one cat (Fluffer) and knew David wouldn’t be happy about adding a new member to the family however, I just couldn’t stand to leave her out there. So, despite what hell may come crashing down on me I decided to take Marley to our small apartment and set her up in the bathroom safely and away from my dear old friend, Fluff, to avoid making him sick as well. I used an aluminum baking dish, put a small amount of litter in it and placed it in the bath tub. I then proceeded to wipe away the crusted gunk away from her eyes, removed the stick and found some triple antibiotic cream. I tended to her little wounds, cleaned out her ears and washed her with a new cloth.  I gave her a very small amount of wet cat food and a saucer of milk and a bowl of water, I told her to be good then I went back to class.

On my way home that day I stopped at the pet store, bought some kitten milk, de-wormer and flea medicine and then I made the dreaded call to David.

“Hey honey, um just thought you should know you will probably beat me home, dinner needs to go in the oven and there’s a kitten in the bathroom, love you, bye.”

lets just say when I arrived at home he was not amused. So, I went straight to work cleaning her wounds again, mixing her de-wormer in her formula, and put her flea medicine on her.  Just as I came out of the bathroom while feeding Marley, David came into the bedroom. I told him it was OK if he didn’t want to keep her and I would take her to the shelter, but I just couldn’t leave her outside. He knows I’m a softy for animals and rolled his eyes at me.

“well lets see it then.” was all he said. and he peeked under the corner of the blanket I had her wrapped in. Then I knew he saw exactly what I saw, those big eyes looking up to him for comfort through her sickness, a defenseless baby who hadn’t even been weened from her mother’s milk yet. He smiled at her and said I could keep her. My phone started ringing then “don’t worry, about a thing, Cuz every little thing is gunna be alright….” it sang, and That, my friends, is how Marley became a part of our family.

The Escape Artist:

Marley is almost two years old and due to her malnutrition and parasites as a baby she has a weakened immune system. She often comes down with an ear infection (though after bringing Shelby home, ear infections are much less common due to the kisses and thorough cleanings Marley gets from her), Sometimes she’ll catch a cold, or get a stomach bug. As a matter of fact, little Marley is sick right now she hasn’t been eating and vomits often She is scheduled to see the vet first thing Saturday morning though and I know she will fix her up.

However due to her discomfort, Marley has begun trying to escape every time the door is opened. She runs out and goes straight for the bush in front of the window making it extremely hard to get her back out. This morning she woke me up by pushing her way out of the screen in my bedroom window. Luckily our back yard is fenced in and she hasn’t quite figured out she could get out of it yet and she greeted me at the sliding glass door to come back in. So, that’s TWO screens I am going to have to replace but that’s okay, they aren’t all that expensive and at least Shelby and Marley were OK. I am getting a little fed up with her though I tell ya, when you come home with your arms full of groceries you aren’t thinking about chasing a cat out of a bush with canned cat food. Oh well I’m just hoping that the vet can get her on the mend again and once she’s all better we are going to start toilet training her. Not having any contact with her feces is healthier for her, and for me. She’s a very smart cat, I’m optimistic that she will learn the new system quickly.

Just like all of my fur babies, Marley is spoiled to the core and living a life of luxury there is no reason for this behavior!! grrr!



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