The Demon Returns [dream]


Background (delusions and past dreams):

The last few days I have been ignoring his advances. I pretend he’s not there, that he doesn’t scare me, that he can’t hurt me. I sleep on David’s side of the bed when he leaves for work with a light on. I can never be alone in the dark again. I hear his voice say my name and try to lure me into the hallway but I don’t budge. I sometimes wake up to the feeling of someone sitting on top of me or breathing terrible breath in my face which makes it harder to get any sleep at all. I feel my blankets move off of me as he drags them across the room, the bed rattle in anger as he tries again and again to get me to fight him or show any kind of fear. He feeds off it, the fear. It’s like his only life source I think and for some reason he chooses me to feed off of. Maybe it’s because I get scared easily or maybe it’s because he knows I’m psycho and my brain works differently, what ever the reason I am his breakfast every morning. I see him out of the corner of my eye at all times, even now while I’m typing my story. He hates me, to want me dead would be a blessing, no, he wants me alive, and afraid. I scream at him always, “GO AWAY! I’M NOT AFRAID ANYMORE” we both know its a lie. I don’t want him here but have had no luck getting him out. The woman tries to protect me, to warn me he’s hungry but with out success.  Is this what I have become? what I will always be? Just a weak-minded buffet for a demon to get his fill any time he pleases?


I awaken by Davids voice, I see him here, do you see him? He’s looking at you weird… I tell him he’s dreaming and to go back to bed, but he’s right, he’s there and he is looking at me weird, like a lion looks at it’s prey.  In that moment I fly from my body to my safe place, if I’m not there to be afraid he has nothing to take from me. I float there on the ceiling watching him. listening to the disgusting guttural noises hes making, cocking his head from side to side like a creature in a horror film. he’s inching closer and closer to my body on the bed and slowly moving the blankets from me. Shelby is scared and leans against my body shaking and whimpering until she can take no more and runs from the room. He stills and begins to sniff the air and then he looks directly at me. rage and hate flickers across his face because he knows he can’t touch me here. he looks at me as if to say
“you can’t stay up there forever” and exits the room. I see David stir and will myself to glide towards him. I look at the time and know he’s going to wake up for work soon so I re-enter my body and get to work on his breakfast. It’s just like any morning I cook for him, we talk and I kiss him goodbye. He is just about to leave when he looks down at the open door and sees a folder taped to the door with my name on it. he handed it to me and I opened it. What I saw made me fall to my knees and sob. A picture of my grandma with a red slash through it. In small fine writing a warning “If you won’t submit willingly I will take what I need, do not underestimate what I can do.”

I woke up from the terrifying nightmare only to see a shadow of a man move across the hallway.

well, he wanted me scared, now he’s got it.


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