Mothman Prophecies [The Dream]


David and I lived in an enormous house, a mansion really.  Our friends, Sarah, Nathan, Emily, and Greg, were all over for a dinner party. We were drinking and having a good time when I looked out one of the over-sized windows overlooking our garden. What I saw left me frozen with fear and I let out a deafening scream. Emily dropped her glass, Greg and Nathan looked up from their card game and Sarah came running to my side. She knows I don’t scream, even when I’m terrified, I’m more of the pretend I’m not freaking out “what the fuck is that” kind of person. I shake, I cry, I cuss, I don’t scream. She looked out and judging by the look on her face, she saw it too, just as it turned away. Desperately searching for a logical explanation to what she was seeing, she tried to comfort me. “Was it a bear?” she asked, her eyes fixed intently on the spot where the creature disappeared before our eyes. She knew just as well as I did that it wasn’t a bear, that it wasn’t anything natural at all. I could tell, sweat began to fall in small beads from her hair line, she looked at me and back out the window while we stood there in shock. Nathan, laughing, came up behind us and looked out the window, “well what ever it was, it’s gone guys, chill out.” Emily, cleaning up the glass that had shattered on the floor, nodded in agreement while David and Greg began laughing along with Nathan.

“You don’t understand, it was huge!” Sarah said, seeing that all this laughing was clearly upsetting me.

“honey, It’s fine. Did you take your medicine before we came?” Nathan’s tone was one of concern not mockery but him calling out Sarah’s need for anxiety medication quickly transformed her face from the flushed rosy cheeks from a night of drinking to a Scarlett red in anger, she glared at him in silence. No one was judging her of course, Emily and I both have issues with groups of people and more than likely we had both taken our medication as well. Never the less, no one likes to have their insecurities addressed, especially in a group setting.

David sensing the tension in the room, came to my side. He looked out the window and quickly exclaimed that the “bear” was in my garden because I had not been taking care of it and hadn’t harvested any of my berries that were growing there. He went to the closet and pulled out a shot gun. He gave me a kiss and said he would be right back he was going to go make sure it was out of the yard. Assuring Sarah that he wouldn’t kill the bear and was only going to fire a couple warning shots to scare it off he stepped outside, leaving the door open.

the 5 of us gathered at the window and watched as he walked into the garden, he let off three warning shots, turned to face us and shrugged, as if to say “see what did I tell you, it’s gone.” something outside let out an otherworldly wail and fell from the tree beside the garden. It landed on it’s feet, the thing stood about 8 feet tall, it was black and had wings, similar to that of the “mothman” sightings.  It’s eyes glowed a bright evil-looking red and it stared at us for a moment. I screamed for David to get inside, Sarah screamed for Nathan to get the other gun and attempt to shoot it from the window, and Emily buried her face in Greg’s chest and sobbed. I didn’t realize it yet but I was crying too. Nathan ran from the room to get the other gun and David tried to run to the house. It was too fast, The creature grabbed David and snapped his neck in one quick motion. I fell to the ground, my heart feeling as if it was being ripped from my chest. I was trembling and sobbing louder than ever. Sarah fell with me holding me and trying to comfort me through her own sobs. Nathan reappeared with gun in hand, but it was too late. Greg ran to close the door leaving Emily, Sarah and I in a pile on the floor, a crying, jumbled mess. Nathan followed him and we heard the first gunshot. It was inside and had Greg by his shirt. Nathan Fired again, again missing the creature by inches, one swift movement and it had killed Greg in the same horrid way it killed David. Nathan fueled by adrenaline yelled for us to get somewhere safe.  Sarah sprang into action grabbing Emily and I and dragging us to our feet. I remember thinking this is so unlike Sarah, I have seen this girl completely out of sorts over a damn spider and here she is saving my life. we ran cringing with every shot fired.

“he’s still shooting, he’s still shooting, he’s still alive, He’s going to kill it, he’s going to save us.” Sarah kept repeating it, trying to make herself believe it as much as she was trying to convince us.

Then the shooting stopped. Sarah had us locked in my master bathroom behind a heavy duty door, meant specifically for keeping out intruders. It was her turn to cry and lose it. We could hear the thing scratching and scurrying around but felt pretty confident in the safety of my bathroom. The three of us hugged and cried. Emily took out her cell phone and called for help. After what felt like an eternity there was a knock on the bathroom door. I slowly opened it just a crack, and saw a police officer just as the thing took him down I tried to shut the door but wasn’t fast enough and he pulled me out by my hair. I screamed and tried to warn the others to shut the door again and not come out. The pain was so intense and I felt blood dripping down my face from the patches of hair being pulled out of my head and then I woke up.

I was so traumatized by this dream I was sweating. I looked over at David sleeping soundly and got up for a drink of water. while rinsing out my glass I glanced out our kitchen window and saw two red eyes glaring back at me.

I Screamed and this time actually woke up out of my dream.

I have had this same dream two days in a row now. and each time is just as terrifying as the last. It makes me more thankful for the countless hours that I can’t sleep at night.



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