Mermaid Cove [Dream]

It’s very rare for me to have a good dream and when I do, It’s even more rare that I remember the dream and can write about it. You, my friends, are in for a real treat with this one. It was so beautiful, so lovely, that it changed my whole outlook of the day. I was pretty heartbroken to wake up in this body though, actually, “heartbroken” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I will cherish this dream forever and hope and pray to have more exactly like it! If you haven’t picked up a theme to my dreams, I ALMOST always “wake up” into the dream as if my “waking” state is actually a dream and my dreams are my reality, with a dream as beautiful as this one I hope with all my heart that this is the case.

Like most of the photos on my page, this was found with a simple google image search, but It's so beautiful I felt that I needed to credit the actual site google retrieved it from.

Like most of the photos on my page, this was found with a simple google image search, but It’s so beautiful I felt that I needed to credit the actual site google retrieved it from.

I awaken as I swim peacefully through the clearest blue water. I instantly feel calm, water centers me, it’s my panacea. No matter what is going wrong in my life or the world, a swim will surely put me at ease. I glide effortlessly, brushing against seaweed and the occasional fish.  I say “excuse me” and move out of the way for a large humpback whale and he surprises me with an “excuse me, mam” as he also moves to the side to avoid hitting me with his large body. He didn’t say the words out-loud. As a matter of fact I thought I heard him singing the familiar song I have always heard on documentaries of such things, his voice however was very clear in my head almost like I translated his language subconsciously like it was completely natural.  This puzzled me for a moment and that’s when I straightened myself up and looked down at my body. I felt the same but what I saw was completely different. I was shirtless! I instantly covered myself. My body was slender and fit with my hair falling all around me in long brown waves. Looking down just a little further I casually lifted my feet in front of me, but me feet weren’t there.  Instead a glittering fin of green and blue sparkled as I twisted around trying to get a better look. I was beautiful, and not only that I was what I had always wanted to be; A MERMAID! I must have glided back and forth for hours just admiring my new tail and enjoying the thought of living here forever. Then I heard a familiar voice call my name I turned to find Elisabeth, my childhood best friend, racing toward me, tackling me with a hug. We laughed for a moment and she grabbed my hand and guided me up. She was breathtaking. Her fin shimmered brilliant hues of pink and red with intricate silver swirls her very long blonde hair freely flowing behind her. “where are we going?”

“Up to the cove! We have to meet Lindsay and Sarah there! We are going to free the free the dolphins today.”

“Wait, what do you mean free them?” I was so confused, I had just seen a humpback whale, I was certain dolphins should be swimming around somewhere.

The humans” she said it like the words tasted terrible, “They have been holding a nursery pod in the cove with nets and gates letting other humans take rides on them and swim with them!” She shook her head, “It’s disgusting!”

I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t I didn’t know what to say! Hadn’t I thought just a few hours ago that I too was a….human? We picked up the pace and bolted through the open water like torpedoes. when we reached the surface we found Kim treading water just behind a ridge of the cove and she waved us over. I noted that she was still a human which didn’t surprise me much because where I loved the water, dolphins, whales, and fish, she equally loved cats and well, eating fish. The thought sent shivers down my spine. It had always made me uneasy, even as a human, but now that I appeared to in fact be part fish and had met quite a few very nice ones along my way, I couldn’t even imagine her eating them. It occurred to me that she was our ally working with us against the humans to help free these innocent dolphins. This role is also one that fit her quite well, Kim had always been a person that you could count on, she didn’t care what was “normal” instead she did what she wanted, befriended people who her “normal” friends and parents wouldn’t approve of it was a trait I always admired about her. As we reached her she held up a finger to signal we needed to be quiet. In a barely audible whisper she said, “okay here’s the plan, as soon as the rest of your pod.. er.. clan? Hell what ever it is, get’s here we have to move quickly to get these gates open and you will have to get the dolphins out of that shed.” She pointed to a large barn-like building sitting in the water. I imagined it was full of tiny jail-like cells where they stored the dolphins when they were not in “use.”

“I don’t think they understand me,” she added, “but I told them you were coming, they might have got a little of what I said, though, because when I said “mermaid” they all stared at me.”

“They are intelligent. More so than humans.. uh no offense.”

Kim smiled at me, “none taken,” she said. “Now where is the rest of your group thingy..?” I just stared at her blankly, I had no idea where the rest of my pod was, Hell, I didn’t even know I had one, let alone that we had such an important operation to handle. I was just happy with being a mermaid.

“Sarah is getting Lindsay, we met up this morning and I told her it was happening today.” Elisabeth’s answer seemed clipped. I guess she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of trusting a human to help with such an important issue, but she was willing to try for the sake of the dolphins.

“Well they better hurry up! The security guards will be making their rounds any…” Her response was cut short as Sarah emerged, spitting water in her face.

“Sorry, reflex.. humans give me the creeps,” Sarah said as nicely as she could muster. she hated humans, more than Elisabeth and she made no effort to hide it even as I remembered her being one herself. Just then Lindsay surfaced giggling, she must have seen the whole thing from just below us. Lindsay, like Kim, made friends easily no matter what the species she genuinely loved almost everyone and it showed.

Kim removed her glasses and violently tried to flick the water spots from them. “Alright then, we better get started, Elisabeth, you know the plan, I had better get out of this water before they realize I’m missing.” Elisabeth nodded and Kim pulled herself up on to a cliff and hurried back to the dolphin inclosure. Elisabeth signaled for us to go under so we could talk without fear of anyone hearing us.

Under the water I couldn’t help but admire everyone’s beauty. Mermaids had always been so fascinating to me and here I was among them, I fell a little star struck until I remembered I was one too. Lindsay had long brown hair just a little darker than my own her fin was similar to mine only the colors faded into each other instead of the intricate pattern mine had. Hers was blue at the waist fading into a teal aqua marine towards the tip of her fin, unlike Elisabeth’s, there was no particular design, no sparkly swirls, it had more of a Tye-dyed effect and it suited her perfectly.  Sarah’s fin, to no surprise, was a bright, bold pink. each of her scales had a white shimmer just tipping the edges. It was very elegant looking and very beautiful her hair was short, in a wedged bob and very blonde with edgy pink tips. Her eyes were bigger than I remember, a brilliant green and blue.

Elisabeth gave the instructions and we split up, Sarah and I heading to the shed and Lindsay and Elisabeth to the gates of the enclosure.

Once in the dolphin shed all of their cries ceased. Under the water Sarah let out a strange call, but like my encounter with the whale, I could hear the translation in my head.

“We are here to help you we need you to all remain quiet, quickly find your young take a deep breath and swim down low to avoid being seen, make your way to the perimeter gates we are opening them for you.”

we made our way along the stalls of the shed opening each gate as fast as we could. The dolphins did as they were told and left one by one quickly and quietly, completely undetected. Sarah and I made our way to follow when I spotted a young dolphin currently giving a ride to a small child. Without thinking I raced to them, staying deep as not to be seen. I knew no one would believe a child who said they saw a mermaid so I made my way up to them. I made sure to stay where the dolphin could cover me and whipped my tail out of the water. The child gasped  and smiled. I poked my head out just enough so she could see me and whispered to her, “this dolphin is my friend, and is being hurt here.” I pointed to a small cut above her eye. “She needs to come home, will that be alright?” The little girl nodded and let go of the dolphin’s dorsal fin. “let’s go,” I said and the dolphin nudged the little girl’s cheek as if to say thank you, then zoomed out of the open gate as I followed.


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