A Troubled Past: Adolescence and Fatal Attractions. PT2


It was the first home game of the season and the first game on our new football field which meant the place was PACKED! I was sure I wouldn’t see Chad, let alone talk to him at all. My friends and I walked around and chatted with a few guys we knew. It was harmless flirting really, you can’t get all gussied up and just NOT talk to anyone. It was a lot of fun despite the fact that I hated football games. They were more of a social gathering really, not many people actually paid any attention. We were just about to leave when I spotted Chad smoking a cigarette (this is before I smoked and no amount of hot was going to make me date a smoker). He looked up at me and waved me over. I gave my friends a quick shrug and ran over to see him. Hey! A girl can flirt with the hottest thing she’s ever laid eyes on, even if she has no intention of dating him or his ash-tray breath.

I greeted him with a gentle slap across his face and he stepped back trying to assess the situation. Laughing I said, “that’s from Ian! He said you’re lame ditching them to meet up with a girl out here, what’s the matter did you get stood up?”

“No, actually, she just got here,” he said followed by a seductive wink.

“Ah, well I’ll leave you to it then.” I turned and started to walk away when he grabbed my arm.

“Marisa, stop being dumb I came here to see you, Ashley said you guys were coming.”

I could feel myself blushing, my cheeks instantly felt hot and I had this stupid grin stuck on my face. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t wipe it off. I tried to look disgusted or at least disapproving.

“So you ditched your friend to try to meet up with his girlfriend, huh? What a stand up guy! As if that wasn’t enough, you smoke, and I don’t date smokers. Sorry bud.” I lightly tapped his shoulder and attempted to end the conversation by doing what I do best, walking away. His laugh stopped me in my tracks. Was he seriously laughing at me? I have come a long way from the days where people bullied me, I was finally at a healthy weight, I had average boobs, sure, I had braces but they were clear, and damn it I was pretty. I turned and lifted my one eyebrow at him as if to say, “I don’t see what’s funny, keep laughing and see how hard I’ll smack you then!” He stopped laughing immediately, took the pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his jacket, threw them in the trash, and pulled me into him.

“For you, Missy, I can quit smoking and before you talk about Ian, hear me out; He asked me if he should break up with you earlier today. He said you guys weren’t clicking as more than friends and I told him to do it. I knew you wouldn’t stay single long and I knew I had to make my move before someone else did. So, here we are at the football game with you turning up your nose and playing hard to get, play all you want, babe, but I know you like me.”

I just stood there looking up at him in shock. His breath was surprisingly minty he must have popped in a piece of gum when I had my back turned. Finally I smiled, but tried to wiggle away. I came here hoping to see him but it was too easy. Now I started to feel guilty about hitting a rebound so hard right after Ian, but really though, who was I kidding? Ian and I were never anything more than friends that occasionally kissed and even that felt awkward and forced, not that he was bad at it, just that he wasn’t really my type. Chad, well, he was my type and I wanted nothing more than to hop on him like a po-go stick right now. How did he do that? He had a way of talking that just fascinated me and made me not only want to listen but need to listen as well.

“Under one condition,” I had to force the words out as my voice was shaky. Todd’s warning bells still ringing in my head I closed my eyes. Maybe if I didn’t look into those beautiful green soul sucking irises I could form a correct sentence, “You tell Ian and you stop smoking.” He threw his head back and let out the sexiest laugh I had ever heard.

“That’s two,” he said, “but I think I can live with that.”

“Well it’s settled then.”

He pulled me closer and kissed me long and hard. I remember thinking he must have had a lot of practice at this because no one had ever kissed me like that before.


Monday after the football game, Chad walked me to every class. The first week was fantastic. We learned a lot about each other, well kind of, our favorite colors (mine was pink), bands, subject, how many siblings we had, etc. and I can’t lie I certainly had fun showing him off to my friends (and every other girl who glanced his way). He said he was having surgery that weekend on his arm but he would be back to school in time to walk me to my 2nd period class on Monday.

It was a long morning without getting to see my eye candy and all I could think about were those gorgeous eyes looking down at me while those lips spoke words made out of pure silk. He was just so gorgeous and so mouth-watering I couldn’t help but daydream about him. I sat there in my own little world for the full first hour, doodling and tuning out the sound of my algebra teacher entirely. That bell couldn’t ring fast enough and when I walked out of the classroom, there stood Chad looking sexy in those ripped jeans and hollister T-shirt sporting a bright pink cast on his arm.

part 3 coming soon!


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