A Troubled Past: Adolescence and Fatal Attractions. PT3


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For a while he was perfect. The best boyfriend anyone could want. He came to visit me and took me on dates, he took me out with his family and showered me with expensive gifts. He was kind and protective. He made me feel safe and I gave him my virginity on my 16th birthday. After that he became even more “protective” keeping me away from my guy friends and then later even my girl friends. I guess I should have seen the signs that something like this could happen but I must have ignored them. Chad had his moments when he would get angry with his parents and I could hear him transition to an entirely different person on the phone. I remember thinking this is probably just a normal teenage guy thing but I was secretly happy that I wasn’t any were near him. I should have seen that for what it was, fear, but of course I remained starry eyed and head over heels for him. Until he came to my job and put in his application there. They hired him immediately, he was clean cut and charming, it wouldn’t be hard for him to get a job anywhere. That’s where it all started and Now I lay on this hard basement floor wrapped in a towel clutching my stomach while blood pools between my legs. I can see it now. I can see how stupid I was all along. Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

Chad came into work at Pineapple Point he claimed he couldn’t get enough of me and had to see me more often. At first I was a little freaked out about the idea because I’m a flirty person. It’s harmless and I wouldn’t cheat on him, but being as self conscious as I always have been, it was always refreshing when someone else made me feel pretty. I did my best not to show any of my flirty tendencies around Chad. Not because I thought he would care much, because as I said, it was harmless, but I have always felt like flirting in front of your partner is disrespectful. We’re human we are going to look at people we feel attracted to, but when you are with your significant other you should make them feel like they are the only person on the entire planet. That’s a memo Chad apparently never got.  A girl I worked with thought that Chad was hot, no news there I was used to that, But she was constantly touching him and flirting with him in front of me. I felt the urge to knock her out and scream that he was mine, but of course I didn’t do that. We often exchanged some harsh words and the day Chad broke up with me I knew it was her doing. I was devastated a serious crying mess and had to call off work that day. I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong and why he would pick HER! She wasn’t even pretty! She was chubby, had a deep voice and 2 kids! She was our age what was he thinking? throughout the day my sadness transformed to anger. I didn’t call him, I didn’t accept his calls and instead I called Ryan. He and a few other friends had invited me to a party that night and I knew he didn’t have a car so I called to offer him a ride. When he asked me if Chad was joining us he was surprised to hear that we had broken up. Surprised, but pleased all the same. I could hear his million dollar smile from my end of the phone and I thought to myself “Todd had said he was a cool guy, smoked weed, but he was nice and he told me to stay away from Chad.. he was right about him all along!” I hung up and started getting ready, I did my makeup-I don’t even know how many times- I put on the sexiest outfit I had a purple plaid pleated skirt that was way too short to wear to school, a low cut T-shirt and a fuzzy white jacket. it doesn’t sound all that sexy now, but for a 16 year old girl (when I was 16 anyway) that was probably the sluttiest outfit I owned.

I pulled up to Ryan’s where he was standing outside.

“Damn Missy! Are you trying to make Chad jealous or what? Because that should do the trick.” He winked at me and I knew right then I was going to be getting into some trouble tonight.

“Nope, Fuck Chad. He left me for a 16 year old bimbo with two kids already. His loss.”

“My gain,” Ryan said as he leaned in and kissed me. “Don’t pretend you haven’t felt the tension, we both know it’s hard to be around each other when you are taken.”

I was blushing again. Why do guys have to put you on the spot like that with their smooth talking BS they probably don’t even mean. I couldn’t help but smile though, after all Ryan was VERY attractive. He informed me that the party didn’t start until 9 and I was almost 3 hours early. He asked if he could take me out for some dinner, and we could go back to my house or back to his and wait or try to meet up with our other friends.

We went out to my favorite mexican restaurant and then back to my house.

We never made it to that party.

The next morning I took Ryan home telling my mom that we fell asleep watching movies. She was happy to see an even more attractive boy in her house that wasn’t Chad. There was just something about him she didn’t like and she told me all the time.

When I got back home I changed my bed sheets and crashed. I had been feeling sick and I was almost certain I was coming down with the full blown flu. Just as I stepped out of my shower My step dad yelled down the stairs that Chad was there and before he even finished his sentence Chad came running down the steps. I felt horrible, and disgusting and in need of a second shower. What had I just done? Maybe he didn’t have to know and we could move on from this. Maybe we could work it out. One look at Chads face and my stomach sank. I knew right then it was too late, the damage was done and he already knew. Ryan had text one of our friends at the party that night that we were coming together, when we didn’t show up they all suspected but it wasn’t until he got home and told them he fell asleep at my house that the rumors got out. Chad knew. He stood there looking at me his eyes glaring at me, I half expected lasers to cut me in half. I had never seen him this mad before. I went to touch his shoulder to calm him down and tell him I was sorry. That it was a very weak moment and I was just so MAD that he could leave me for HER. He smacked my hand away and I screamed, It startled me, he had never been violent before. I tried again this time talking slow and calm. “Chad, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to, YOU left ME remember? For that SKANK? I was just mad and I feel terrible honest I never meant for that to happen.” This time he pushed me. He pushed me hard and caught me off guard knocking me to the floor and Screaming at me.

“You’re a fucking whore! You fucked him didn’t you!?!? You fucked my FRIEND! You’re nothing but a SKANK! A. FUCK.ING. WHORE.!” he emphasized every syllable with a sharp kick to my stomach I was aware that my mouth was bleeding from biting my lip, but I didn’t fully comprehend the extent of my injuries. My dad yelled from the top of the stares, “Chad get the fuck out of my house you aren’t talking to my daughter like that!” Yeah, he sure gets father of the year for that one, he didn’t even come down the steps. Chad bolted out the private entrance of the basement and I laid there shaking and sobbing.  I thought I was peeing my pants, and my stomach hurt so bad where he had kicked me I thought maybe he popped my bladder. I put my hand between my legs and when I brought it back to examine it I saw that it was covered in blood. I sobbed harder.

“I’m pregnant,” I said out loud. and then a frightening realization hit me, I WAS pregnant and by the looks of it, I’m not anymore, gone before I even knew. I wrapped myself tighter in the towel, clutched my stomach and cried for hours.

Coming soon PT 4….


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