Gaining Freedom The Final Installment of “A Troubled Past”


Chad didn’t die that night, though there are still nights I wish he had. The terrifying nightmares of him finding me and killing me, my husband, a future child, or anyone else because of me makes me feel ill. I would have called as planned the next morning if he hadn’t called me 50 times before I woke up. His last voicemail said that he was driving and was going to run his car into a pole and kill himself. He was drunk I could tell from his voice, so, being fed up with his dramatic threats at ending his life I called the police this time. I knew he was going to jail and I didn’t care. I was relieved.

The police arrived at Bailey’s door. I described Chad in perfect detail along with his car and license plate number. While I spoke with the officers, Chad called me 48 times. The officer asked if I wanted to press charges against him for harassment and I said “not today, officer, He’s going to be in enough trouble when you find him driving around intoxicated.” When they left I went back to Bailey’s extra bedroom and curled up in a ball. It was probably an hour later when I received a call from Chad’s mother.

“Chad has been arrested for drunk driving, and has 3 different warrants out for his arrest. He failed his drug test for probation and hasn’t shown up for them for the past few weeks. He’s going to be in a jail for a long time.”

I cried. Not because I’d miss him, not because he’d hurt me, but because I was finally free and I didn’t know how to be free. I was excited, scared, happy, and still in disbelief that this was really going to be over.

I dated around for about 2 years. That doesn’t seem too long in the grand scheme of things but it was long enough. I dated a guy who later confessed he had slept with a man and wore my clothes when I wasn’t home. He also turned out to have a pretty nasty drinking problem which is something I just couldn’t deal with after Chad. So, long story short that relationshit didn’t last long. The I dated a co-worker. He was a normal guy, he was nice, funny, and took me out on actual dates. It was a really nice change of pace for sure but there wasn’t much of a connection so, I hooked him up with my best friend. That might sound weird but, they really hit it off just as I expected and are actually married now. I owe him a big thanks actually, though that would be awkward considering he’s married to my best friend, but he was the first guy post-chad that actually made me feel like I was worth something, that I didn’t deserve to be shit on like that, if I hadn’t started dating him, I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to grow back my backbone. Then one night at my friend’s house and a couple friend requests on Facebook changed my life for ever. My friend “introduced” me to her friend, David, on facebook and that’s where the story ends. He was a tall, goofy looking guy, cute, but goofy none-the-less. He was in college in another town but he came up and took me out on a date. That was almost 5 years ago, and we have been together ever since. He is my perfection, he’s the perfect combination of stubborn and laid back, asshole and lover, he would never lay a hand on me in anger and very rarely ever raises his voice with me. He’s just an all around great guy, and he has his moments as I’m sure you’ve read on here but everyone does. I love my hubsters :).

The End. Thank you for reading A Troubled Past.



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