ArmageddonIt was the same old shit different day. My husband and I were heading out of town to visit family. The sun was shining, it was warm outside. We danced in our seats and sang our hearts out to the radio, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. I asked my husband to pull into the nearest gas station so that I could buy a Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood tea and a pack of cigarettes, my two crutches that I have yet to kick. I knew they would calm me down because surely it was only the anticipating anxiety of seeing every one again. All the questions, “When are we going to get a grandbaby?” “Are you still following that diet?” It never fails and I hear it at least once each time we visit. He let our dog, Shelby out for a quick potty break, the cigs did the trick and we were on our way again.


I called my grandma and told her I would see her tomorrow because we were attending a wedding today and were going to spend the evening with my sister, nephew, Vinny, and brother-in-law, Billy. As we pulled into the drive My brother and his family were there along with my mom and a few of my sister’s friends. we chatted a moment and set up my cousin for the group of kids she had to babysit before all heading off to the wedding.

After the ceremony everyone was all smiles. The building was beautiful, tall and elegant. We waited outside on the large balcony while the bridal party took pictures. Inside the caterers were busying themselves setting up the tables and food. The bride was leaning over the railing of the balcony when they first hit. Everyone looked on in terror as she fell to the ground breaking her neck instantly. people swarmed around her and chaos broke out. I grabbed my mom and my husband just as the second hit took out my sister who was casually flirting with a groomsman. The three of us ran to the car followed by my brother, sister-in-law, and Billy. My brother and his wife took a separate car and we sped off towards my grandmothers house. The closer we got the more realization set in that the things attacking the wedding had attacked the whole town as well. Houses were burning and bodies lined the streets. The man on the radio said to take cover in a basement or cellar America was under attack by an unknown group. When we finally arrived it was obvious that we were too late. My grandpa was in the driveway and my grandma on the front porch both appeared to be dead. It hit too fast and they must have been trying to see what was going on. We started to turn around when my grandpa cried out for help. My husband and billy jumped out of the car and raced over to him. they tried to remove the branches holding him down when another branch broke loose and ran straight through my husband’s head. Billy screamed and apologized to them both before turning and running to the car. my mom and I held each other and sobbed. She had lost a daughter, her parents, and a son in law. Not only had she lost them, but she watched them die. Billy drove as fast as he could back to his house but slowed when we saw my brothers truck. a semi had rolled over on top of them. Nobody said anything our whole bodies were going numb.

Half of the house was smoldering and caved in the swing set in the back yard was crushed and under it you could see tiny hands and tiny feet. I heard Billy pray that Vinny wasn’t under it when it happened. The three of us ran inside. My cousin sat in the chair one of my sister’s many wall decorations was sticking out of her chest.

we searched everywhere when I heard whimpering coming from the basement. SHELBY! I ran down the stairs to see Vinny curled up in the corner with Shelby on top of him.

“she pulled me down the stairs Aunt Marisa, she hurt my leg.”

I could no longer hold back my tears I was so happy to see my dog and to see that she had saved my nephew from the terrible fate we had witnessed. I grabbed him and hugged him. I instructed him to stay there and I called up to my mom and billy to come down stairs. My mom came down and she was completely inconsolable but billy never came. We would have to save the explanation for tomorrow because we needed Vinny to stay calm. We turned on the radio in the basement.

“….Please head for safety, find a basement, cellar, or crawl space. We now know that we are under attack by alien life they have attacked our planet as of right now we know that pollution from earth is harming their planet and their mission is to destroy our buildings They are not here to kill us, I repeat they are not here to kill us, please take shelter.”


I am so sick of night terrors I could scream. Who dreams this shit? Who’s dreams are that detailed?!?! now you know why I’m an insomniac.


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