Greetings Star Shine, The Earth Says Hello.

29508_1382380412946_5368643_nHey, Welcome to my Blog! You’re in for a real treat. Okay, probably not really, but there’s nothing like building your hopes up just to tear them down.

Name’s Moe. I grew up in a small town in Indiana. Yes, actually it is true, there really is nothing but corn in Indiana. I live here with my; husband, David, dogs, Shelby and Gypsy, and cat, Marley. My mom, grandparents, brother and 1 out of 5 sisters all live in Indiana as well, but live about 3 hours away. I moved here to be with my (then) fiancee while he finished college and we married about 3 years later.

I’m obsessed with mermaids, and an animal lover. I’m a Cosmetologist, a wife, a “fur” mama, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, an aunt, a cousin, a niece, and the silly kind of weirdo. I’m a pagan, a tree hugger, a gardener, a peace-loving-hippie-freak, a liberal democrat (yet still pro-life for the most part), I’m all for decriminalizing Marijuana (seriously people, It’s a herb, you know what else gets ya high? Nutmeg, make that illegal too and you will have some sorry excuse for eggnog come Christmas time). I have three jobs, I don’t sleep, and I have bipolar so my posts will most likely be terrifying or beautiful not much in between. I tend to write about dreams I’ve had or past experiences the here and now generally isn’t my thing but I’m sure it will pop up eventually.

My blog is a pretty diverse group of ramblings about anything from creepy neighbors to just being a lazy insomniac. I post when the urge strikes me, It’s not to impress anyone, it’s me, it’s raw, and it’s uncut so beware of the occasional F bomb.


Enjoy! (=


4 thoughts on “Greetings Star Shine, The Earth Says Hello.

  1. I actually understand as my daughter is very talented, married no job can’t sleep! Sound familiar! But she’s a very strong empath and has a hard time being in crowds! And yes she is pagan. And she lives in San Diego, CA where there is nothing but sunshine. Whole family lives 10 minutes apart and we are extremely close! Family is so important!

    • I’m the exact same, I have a hard time being around a lot of people, I’m a very strong empath! It’s great to hear from you! thanks for visiting my blog!

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